She Soaks Her Feet In A Bowl Of Listerine. 30 Minutes Later? This Is Brilliant!

When it comes to work I’m always on my feet, so it is essential that I take care of them to keep them in tip top shape!

Our feet and hands take a hell of a beating over the years because we use them so much every single day. There are a lot of problems that can afflict the feet, such as , ingrown toenails, bunions, blisters, and even gout! But fortunately for us there a number of home remedies you can utilise to avoid potential foot issues.

Have you ever had any problems with toenail fungus, dead skin, calluses, or dry and cracked heels?

Well if so, this is the video for you.

While some problems may be serious and require a doctor, some home remedies can be effective in treating minor problems.

One of the strangest home remedies that I have found effective is soaking my feet in Listerine for 30 minutes to battle toenail fungus.

Mouthwash has several different compounds as well as alcohol that act as strong antiseptic to keep away harmful bacteria and fungi!

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