First Look : Ram Gopal Varma’s movie Single X is Inspired by ?

Kim Kardashian inspired Ram Gopal Varma for Single X?

The Hollywood babe Kim Kardashian is known for her hot body and scandals


Director Ram Gopal Varma has just unveiled the first look of his upcoming erotic thriller short film, Single X. The poster focuses completely on the backside of an actress, whose face is yet to be revealed. Looking at the racy photo, one’s mind wanders back to another celebrity who is known for displaying her posterior assets, Kim Kardashian. Hollywood celebrity and socialite Kim Kardashian rose to fame with a controversial tape showing the actress having intimate relations with her ex-boyfriend Ray J. She is also known for having a hot body and is also known for her beauty.

The famous socialite even released a series of pictures in which she bared all her assets. These pictures literally stopped internet traffic for a while and that’s where the term break the internet was coined from.

Also, Ram Gopal Varma is known for creating sexual innuendos in many of his movies and depicting his heroines in an erotic light. He even admitted that he has an obsession with actress Sridevi and tries to imitate her looks in his actresses. So, by looking at the poster of Single X, one can’t help but wonder if the brazen display of the actresses’s posterior in the first look was perhaps inspired by Kim in some way. It is really not a far fetched idea as RGV is a well known connoisseur of beauty. Perhaps the first look of Single X is his way of paying a tribute to the actress with the world’s most attractive backside.

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