Mika Singh KISSES a Canadian model and it isn’t CONTROVERSIAL!

The singer kisses on-screen for the first time…

Mika Singh is one of the most talented singers, but he has been dragged in a lot of controversies due to his kissing spree. He faced a lot of backlash in 2006 for forcefully kissing Rakhi Sawant on her lips during his birthday party. Rakhi was not amused and filed a case of molestation against the singer, but Mika said that the item girl had kissed him first, prompting him to reply in kind. Once, he had even alleged that Bipasha Basu had kissed him during a television show (after a pic of his cheeks with lipstick marks surfaced on the net), but the actress had cleared it that it was someone else who had kissed him. But it is all his off-screen kisses which have caused controversies and what is more surprising is that he had not kissed a girl on screen till now. However, he has finally kissed a girl for his next single Billo and for once, it hasn’t caused any controversy.

Billo features Mika and he will seen trying to woo a girl he likes in the film. The song will also feature Miss Universe Canada Hannah Simard, who Mika will kiss. And this time none of the actors had any problem, no controversy followed and the passionate kiss will make it to the screen soon.

The song, which is presented by T-Series, will be launched on March 18. The song has been composed by Baba Honey and directed by David Zennei and will be a peppy number. Check out the video of Mika’s kissing controversy with Rakhi Sawant below:



source: bollywoodlife